Online Casinos with Sic Bo in Canada in 2023

Sic Bo Casinos Online in Canada Sic Bo is a dice game that has exploded in popularity across Canada and the rest of the world due to its ease of learning and play, rapid pace, and large potential payouts.

Sic Bo is similar to the dice game craps, so if you like craps, you’ll probably like Sic Bo. It’s user-friendly, works perfectly on a computer screen, and is supported by the vast majority of the greatest Canadian-friendly online casinos.


To save you time and effort, we have compiled a list of the top places to play Sic Bo online for real money, as chosen by our team of experts. While Jackpot City is now our top pick, you’ll find many other excellent sites throughout this Sic Bo online guide.


Instantaneous financial dealings that allow instant access to online Sic Bo games.

Canadian dollars can be deposited, withdrawn, and played with using a plethora of banking services.

Play Sic Bo with a live dealer rolling the dice through video feed at a casino.

An Overview of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a simple game to pick up if you’re familiar with craps or roulette, and even if you aren’t. You don’t need to memorize any complex strategies in order to win in casino Sic Bo; the goal is simple to guess what the dealer’s three dice will display.


Managing your money wisely and having a fundamental understanding of the odds and payouts for each wager you can make are the cornerstones of success in any game of chance. For a more in-depth look into Sic Bo payouts, read below. Generally speaking, the higher the odds of a bet occuring, the smaller the payoff, and vice versa.


The dice game Sic Bo has exploded in popularity across Canada and the rest of the world due to its ease of learning, rapid pace, and the potential for huge wins or losses with a single toss of the dice.


An Overview of the Game’s Past

The ancient Chinese game known today as Sic Bo has gone by many other names over the years. Dai Su is the modern Chinese name, hi-lo is the modern Filipino name, and Sic Bo (meaning “precious dice”) is the modern English name. Chinese laborers on the transcontinental railroad were also responsible for bringing the game of Sic Bo to North America, along with others like Keno.


The popularity of the game grew gradually from the United States to California and the rest of the Western world, and by the 1990s, it had made its way to the casino floors of Las Vegas. Since the advent and growth of online casinos, Sic Bo has gained popularity around the world and is now widely accepted as a staple of online gambling sites.


Strategy for Newcomers at Sic Bo

If you’ve never played Sic Bo before, just looking at the table could make your head spin. The good news is that there are wagers you can make that are both low risk and potentially lucrative. Once you learn the ropes, you’ll see numerous parallels to other casino classics like roulette and craps.


Bets on the “Small – Numbers 4-10” and “Big – Numbers 11-17” boxes are common among new players. If the sum of the three dice you roll falls inside the range you wagered on, you win that bet. Betting on whether the total of the dice will be odd or even also pays 1:1. Small, large, odd, and even are the four most straightforward wagers with the highest win chance (48.6%).


Probabilities and Top Wagers

The bets listed above may have the highest hit rates, but they also have the lowest payouts. Some of the more unusual wagers in the game provide bigger payouts in exchange for a decreased chance of a win, and may appeal to players who enjoy betting against the grain.


Most online casinos provide odds of about 215:1 when betting on a Specific Triple (that a number of your choice will appear on all three dice). Bets on a Three Dice Total of 4 or 17 (about 60:1 odds), a Specific Double and Single Number Combination (50:1), or a Three Single Number Combination (30:1) are the next highest risk/reward bets. The odds and probabilities will change slightly according on the online casino you choose, but this will not affect your gameplay much.


The Top Websites for Playing Sic Bo

We were unable to locate any online casinos in Canada that offered Sic Bo. Canadians, however, need not despair; they need only switch to a site hosted in another nation.


Fortunately, there are a plethora of Canadian-friendly online casinos where you may play Sic Bo. These Sic Bo gambling sites not only accept Canadian dollars, but also provide excellent welcome bonuses for new customers, dedicated customer service lines for Canadians, and the highest level of protection for your financial and personal information.


Our review team has evaluated and ranked all of these suggestions, and the top choices are presented on this page. If you follow our advice, you’ll find a reputable, trustworthy online casino where you may play Sic Bo for real money in a matter of minutes.


Questions & Answers

What online casinos offer fair Sic Bo games?

Our review staff guarantees that you will only ever play at the top Canadian casino sites if you stick to the suggestions on this page.


All of the sites recommended here are safe and secure places to play Sic Bo in 2023, and they all include generous welcome bonuses of real money as well as a wide range of betting limits to accommodate players of different financial means. Some of them even have live Sic Bo casino games, which are the closest thing to a land-based casino that you can get online.

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